Customizing Learning

This page of the blog is being set up to help parents, students and other members of our community gain information on the concept of customized learning. RSU 18 is one of 14 school districts in the state who are working together to change our educational system so that it will work better for students. Our current system says that you should be in a particular grade, class and learn particular things because you are a particular age. Very particular! Every student then has 180 school days to learn all they need in that year. This system treats all students similarly and requires teachers to try to meet all of the students needs in a very limited system. We will be creating a new system that recognizes and responds to the fact that all learners learn in different ways and at different speeds. The system also takes into consideration that motivation is directly connected to having a voice and a choice in what you do.

We have started the journey and will continue until we get a customized system for the children in our schools. Make sure you check in on this page to learn more about why we are changing and how all children will benefit form the change.

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