Helping your child deal with anxiety and stress

Students nowadays are faced with many stressors in their lives as they try to juggle many roles.  As parents it is often difficult to see your child dealing with the pressures of being a teenager and all the changes and difficulties that occur at this age.  Sometimes we want to jump in and solve the problem or take a way the stress.  In the long run, helping children learn positive ways to deal with difficulties will lower their stress and boost their confidence.  The following are some pointers on ways to help your child manage anxiety and stress:

1) Taking a time ­out: practice deep breathing, yoga, listen to music, and other relaxing activities. Take a moment to step back from the problem to help clear your head.

2) Eat a well ­balanced meals: don’t skip meals, eat healthy, energy boosting foods, and stay away from energy drinks and caffeine.

3) Get enough sleep: make sure to make sleep a priority. Limit the use of computers, video games, etc. at night. Try going to bed and getting up at the same time daily.

4) Exercise daily: try to get 1 hour of physical activity a day. Exercise is a natural mood enhancer.

5) Count to 10 slowly: repeat if necessary.

6) Do your best: instead of aiming for perfection, be proud of however close you get.

7) Accept that you can’t control everything: many things are out of our control. What we can control is how we react to events and other people’s behaviors.

8) Humor­ laughter really is the best medicine.

9) Have a positive attitude: replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

10) Learn what triggers your anxiety: Is it school, friends, or something else? Look for patterns in your life that is causing you stress.

11) Talk to someone: use the supports in your life, whether it be a school counselor, teachers, or family.

If you have any questions then please reach out to our school counselors.

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