MMS Envisions a Brighter Future!

As a part of our vision at RSU18 we want students to be come global leaders. We expect, “All learners are creative problem solvers, critical thinkers, self-directed, effective communicators, collaborative workers, environmental stewards, and productive, healthy citizens.” We also expect, “All learners engage in creative and innovative learning strategies. They use technology and other tools to connect to the world outside of the classroom.”  Sometimes it is difficult to understand what these types of experiences look like for students.  Teachers at MMS look for authentic opportunities for our students to make a difference and generate real world ideas or products. Recently we had a number of students submit videos in a competition called Down the Road: The Search for Maine’s Top Ten Youth Visionaries. This is an example of a learning experience that meets the vision statements above.  Students had to choose from the following general prompts; Exploring Happiness: What do You Want?;  Giving Back: Community Service, Good Citizenry;  Dream Fulfillment: If I had a Million Bucks; or Change.  You can find out more on their website.  This video gives you some of the information.

I was excited to learn recently that a group of MMS students placed in the top 10 for a video about their vision.  The video was posted in the Maine’s Top Ten Youth Visionaries competition.  The winning video was made by Martin Guarnieri, Connor Evans and Alex Pierce.  They have a plan for creating a recreation center that would generate profits.  Half of these profits would be donated to charities or other good causes.  Check out their video.

To see all the submissions from MMS, goto the map and click on MMS.

Enjoy the great learning and thinking of our students.

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