MDA Benefit: Help me help the MDA, to help Kids!

Please help Mr. Moody!

Messalonskee High School

Last year at about this time I received a call from a friend saying “I’ve been locked up, I’m in Jail, and I need you to bail me out.”.  I’m not sure what I thought at first, I certainly didn’t think he was the “Jail” type…  so I said “uh… okay – you are?  you do???”  He laughed, and explained that he had volunteered to be locked up to raise money to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  I promptly logged in and donated to help the cause.

So… fast-forward a few months…  In February I was contacted by a very nice sounding woman – letting me know that I was “nominated” to be locked up in jail.  Again I thought “locked up, I’m not really… I mean I once got a parking ticket but???”  And then it hit me!

So here I am, raising money for the MDA.

To make…

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