MMS Parent News for March

Hello all.  I hope that you are enjoying the slight increase in temperatures as we approach the first day of Spring.  There is a lot going on in the coming month so I wanted to put out a newsletter so that everyone has the information.

Sports – Baseball and softball signups are starting.  6th grade students will be able to try out for those teams.  If they are interested they should sign up.  We are also looking for donations of blankets.  If you have any old blankets that you do not want, we could use them to protect our bleachers.  During the start of Baseball and Softball season there is usually too much snow or mud to have outside practices.  At these times we use the gym.  Baseballs, softballs and plastic bleachers are not a good mix.  We hope to be able to put a layer of blankets over the bleachers to prevent damage.  This is a more economical approach than purchasing mats.  If you have extra comforters you would like to donate then please drop them off in the office.

Apparel Impact – March 5 

We will be having a location to donate clothes to Apparel Impact which is an organization who’s mission is to keep textiles out of landfills and serve local communities by supplying clothing to the less fortunate.  There will be a bin available during Parent Teacher Conferences but you can also send in items with your child or drop them off Friday as well.  This is a project being headed up by a student who is trying to make a difference. Any items that can’t be used will be sent back to the companies.  If you have any clothing that you want to get rid of then feel free to bring it in tonight or Friday.

Upcoming Events:

March 5 – Tonight – Parent Teacher Conferences – 5:00pm-8:00pm

– Sign up information was sent out last week.  If you did not get a chance to sign up or tonight was not a good night for your family, please go to the sign up site and email the teacher representing the team your child is on.  We do not have enough spots in the evening for all parents and some parents prefer to have more  time with the teachers.  The team will schedule an alternate time to meet with you.

March 6 – Parent Informational Night Cancelled – Fun Night

– The parent information night was cancelled.  We have 8th grade sign up at MHS and parent teacher conferences this week so we cancelled this event. The next Informational Night will be on May 15 and will focus on the transition to the next school year.

– We have a Fun Night for this evening.  The event is from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.

March 10 & 11 – Team Atlantic Field Trip to the Gulf of Maine Institute

March 12 – Early Release Day – Students dismissed at 12:00pm

– Teachers will be working through the afternoon on literacy instruction and final preparations for the start of the state assessment.

March 13 – Teacher workshop day – No School for students 

– This day will be focused on developing stronger strategies to help students think, analyze, hypothesize and critically reason.  This is a district focus with all of our schools.

March 17 – Band and Chorus Concert – 7:00pm at the Messalonskee High School PAC

– This is the March concert for our concert band and chorus students.

March 18 – Cocoa with the Counselors – 7:45am-8:15am

March 18 & 19 – Team Kennebec Field Trip to the Gulf of Maine Institute

March 23(Week of) – ELA State Assessment 

– This is the first week of the state assessment.  Students will be taking the ELA assessment in their ELA classrooms during some of the days this week.

March 30 (Week of) – Math State Assessment 

– Students will be taking the Math assessment in their Math classrooms during some of the days this week.

Enjoy this month of (hopefully) melting snow!

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