Educate Parent Access Opens Tomorrow!

Tomorrow we will be opening our district parent access to Educate, which is called Empower.  The redesigned interface has the look and feel of Facebook and puts the information parents have wanted to know right in front of their eyes.  There has been a lot of work in getting the redesign up and running, and it continues to be a work in progress.  If you find pieces of information missing or if anything does not work,  let your child’s teachers know so that we can make adjustments for the future.  You can also contact our tech department by emailing them at

We have mailed out the log in details , and I included a letter to middle school parents with some important information.  This post will also help you learn to navigate Empower and use it to know how your child is doing. Hear are a few of the changes you will see.

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 4.31.18 PM

Notifications tell you when activities (also referred to as tasks or evidence) are coming due.  You will see when tasks are overdue, as well as alerts that may be messages from your child’s teachers.  You can also see the number of new scores that have been entered in the past 14 days.  Our teachers have been pre-assessing students so it is likely you will see new scores in your Notification section on the left side of the screen.

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 4.31.00 PM

Developmental Map by Content – By clicking on the black circle next to the My progress bar, you can bring up this screen which shows you all of the learning goals in the content area and color codes them based on the age span where they are expected to be learned.  This picture is called the Developmental Map.  It indicates which learning goals should be typically learned in the Early Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle Level and High School developmental spans.  You can see the blue learning goals are for middle level.

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 4.30.31 PM

My Progress  is the area of the screen that gives you an indication of where you child is in relation to pace.   Yellow indicates the number of learning goals that need to be met from the previous grade spans.  There will typically be yellow when a student moves from one grade span to another.  Blue indicates the number of learning goals met out of the total number of learning goals in that age span (typically 3 years).  Green indicates that a child has scored on a learning goal that is in the age span above the one they are currently in.  With the changes to our curriculum this summer, there are a number of new goals that teachers will be assessing to determine if students know them.  Students learn at different paces in different content areas. For that reason you do not need to be alarmed if you see numbers in different color bands.  Click the links for more on learning at different paces and assessing students learning.

Look for another post this weekend about how to communicate with your child’s teachers through Empower!

3 thoughts on “Educate Parent Access Opens Tomorrow!

  1. Reblogged this on Messalonskee High School and commented:
    Mr. Hatch’s post highlights some of the changes to Educate you will see in this newest update to the program. Although MHS users are using PowerSchool for grading and reporting progress towards graduation, Educate will begin to be updated bi-weekly to represent a student’s attainment of the standards they ar working on in their courses.

  2. I discovered that if you have more than one child you have to select a child from the drop-down menu where your name appears. Seems obvious now that I have done it. But was not referenced in the instructions so I spent a lot of time looking for My Progress which doesn’t appear until you select a child.

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