MMS Parent News – September 5, 2013

Hello all!

I hope that all of your children have had a great start to the school year.  Each year I am amazed at how quickly students settle in to their teams and move from apprehensive about the start of school to excited to be at school.  If you child is not settling in and has some anxiety then please communicate with the teachers on your child’s team so that they can help with the transition.
This year we have a number of early release days in our calendar.  On these days staff will be using the afternoon to receive training and work with the curriculum.  I identified all of these dates on the important dates page of our handbook and on a separate sheet in the opening packet.  The first early release day is on September 24, 2013 which is a Tuesday.  Students will be dismissed at 12:00 on those days. We will have an adjusted schedule so that student will have lunch prior to being dismissed.
Our sports season has started and we have a lot of students involved.  If you have questions regarding sports there is an informational meeting tonight at 6:30pm in the MMS Gym.  Mr. Lisa, our Athletic Director, will be answering questions and reviewing procedures.  If you have any questions regarding athletics, please contact Mr. Lisa.  All schedules are posted on our website.
Our curriculum and assessment night is on September 26th starting at 6:00pm.  This evening is an opportunity to learn more about your child’s curriculum and how to keep up with what is going on at MMS.  It is highly attended so I would recommend arriving early or you will likely need to park at the High School and walk down.
We are using planners with students this year.  All teachers are having students fill out their planner each day with their assignments.  I would ask you all to review the planner each night and discuss the assignments your child is working on.  If your child is having a hard time keeping up with the task of filling it out and bringing it home then some type of reward for consistently doing this may help.  The focus of the planner is to help students learn to plan out their work and to make sure that parents understand what their child needs to be working on.  THe planner is also a great way to communicate between the teacher and parent.
To keep up with communication from MMS follow us on Facebook Twitter, our blog, and the website.  I will be emailing out information two times a month to keep you up to date on what is going on.  If you do not have digital access then contact the main office at 465-2167 and ask to be put on our mailing list.
Have a great day!
Mark Hatch
Upcoming Dates
9/3/13    Grade 8 Student Meeting with Mr. Hatch and Mrs. Smith – 1:45 in MMS GYM
9/3/13 – 9/13/13   NWEA Testing at MMS
9/5/13    MMS Sports Information Night – MMS GYM – 6:30pm
9/5/13    Grade 7 Student Meeting with Mr. Hatch and Mrs. Smith – 1:45 in MMS Gym
9/6/13    Outing Club Trip
9/6/13    Grade 6 Student Meeting with Mr. Hatch and Mrs. Smith – 1:45 in MMS Gym
9/12/13  Outing Club Trip
9/13/13  Outing Club Trip
9/19/13  Outing Club Trip
9/20/13  Outing Club Trip
9/24/13  Early Release – Students Dismissed at 12:00pm
9/26/13  MMS Curriculum and Assessment Night 6:00pm

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