The Nutrition Program at MMS.

As we begin the process of looking at the up coming year I wanted to share information on our school lunch program at MMS. We have three lunches and the students go to lunch by team.  Lunches are 30 minutes long and students have options on what they eat.  They also have extra items they can choose like chips, ice cream, salads, drinks and other items.  We do not send home menus at the middle school but you can access them on our website or have your child pick one up at the register.  We ask parents to pre pay as often as they can so that our system runs more smoothly.  You can use the online payment system or you can send in a check to the middle school made out to RSU18 Nutrition Program.  To access menus go to our Nutrition page.

With the difficult economy we have seen more people qualify for the Free or Reduced lunch program.  Each year we need parents to fill out information to determine if they qualify for Free or Reduced lunch in our school.  These requirements are set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  Copies of the application will come home to you in your child’s start of year packet.  If you need assistance filling in the information on the application then please contact our office or the district nutrition director, William Hamilton.  If you feel that you might qualify I would encourage you to fill out the application and take advantage of this program.

During the summer there is a breakfast and lunch program being run which provides a free meal to any child age 0-18.  This program is available at Williams Elementary  School and China Primary School.  For more information go to our Nutrition Page.

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