Team Announcements are in the Mail!

Below is an email I sent to the parents of Messalonskee Middle School students from the last school year.  We put all of the schedules in the mail this week and parents and students should be receiving them soon.  There is a lot of information in the mailing as we try to conserve on postage by sending out one mailing toward the middle of the summer and one just prior to the start of the school year.  Dont forget that in addition to this blog, you can get up dates by following me on Twitter or the Messalonskee Middle School Facebook Page.  Enjoy the summer!

Hello all!

I hope that you and your children are enjoying the summer.  We have been working hard to get teams set for next year and have completed the process.  We are preparing the mailing which will go to the post office on Monday, July 15, 2013.  The mailing will include a team newsletter as well as some state assessment data, the Educate Learner Profile and the final report card for last year.

Next year we have made our teams smaller so that students will have fewer teachers and teachers will be able to build stronger relationships with their students.  This decision was made based on parent and teacher feedback last year.  We will also be providing students with a planner next year.  The staff worked at the end of the year to discuss how to use this planner so that students and parents can know specifically what students need to be doing each day.  This will help you all know what the homework for that day is and when tasks should be completed and turned into the teacher.

I will be updating my blog, twitter and the school website periodically throughout the summer so go to those places for updates.  We will also be mailing out information to parents the week prior to school starting.

Blog:  Messalonskee Middle School Blog

Twitter:  @PrincipalHatch

School Website:  Messalonskee Middle School Website

Enjoy the summer!

Mark Hatch

2 thoughts on “Team Announcements are in the Mail!

  1. My child is a 6th grader this year; can you please tell me how the “Teams” work? We received notification of what team he is on, but do not know if that is a strictly 6th grader team, or mixed with other grades. Also, what can we expect a typical day to be like for him?

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