RSU 18 Budget

It is only a few days away from the vote for RSU 18′s Budget by the communities of Belgrade, China, Oakland, Rome and Sidney.  Given the economy, the past few budget years have been quite challenging.  In addition to this, RSU 18 has been working hard to implement an educational vision that is focused on five major themes.  These focus areas being 1) Developing and Managing Resources, 2) Ensuring Quality Personnel, 3) Developing a Customized Learning System, 4) Creating Productive Partnerships and 5) Creating and Maintaining a Continuous Improvement Culture (  On both fronts employees have worked extremely hard and I am very proud on their efforts on this work.  Our work towards improving our education system for all learners has made progress.  This message to you is basically an extension of the discussion I had with the RSU 18 Board 0n May 15th as part of my Superintendent’s Report.

Where Things Stand and What are We Doing About it

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RSU 18 Budget.

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