Student Leadership Summit Postponed

The event for today has been postponed due to the storm.  We were concerned that the event would be impacted by a snow day or a late arrival so we decided to wait.  The Learner summit is an event where students from Messalonskee Middle School(MMS), China Middle School(CMS) and Messalonskee High School(MHS) will join together to learn about customized learning.  The students from MMS have been discussing the book Inevitable by Schwahn and McGarvey.  This book is the book that lays out the need and the philosophy behind customized learning.  The students from MHS are reading The One World School House by Khan and the students from CMS are reading Mindset by Dweck.  The summit will be an opportunity for each group  of students to present on the major point in their book and then Bea McGarvey will be working with us to pull them all together and have the students discuss what they would like to see in the future as RSU 18 moves toward a customized learning environment for all of its learners.  If you would like to know a little bit more about the books,  watch the videos below. We will be looking ahead for a future date.

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