Maine Learning Technology Initiative wants to hear from you!

Below is a message from Jeff Mao, who is the Policy Director for the Maine Learning Technology Initiative (MLTI). This is the group that runs the laptop project for the state of Maine. They are interested in parent, student and educator feedback as they begin the process to determine what the future structure of the initiative may be. Your feedback would be welcome!

Hi Everyone,

I know that at times this list discusses what should or should not be in
MLTI. You often discuss what you wish we would do, or what we shouldn’t
do…well…here’s your chance to have this conversation directly with us,
online, and in a totally transparent and public setting. Please visit and share your thinking. We will continue to post
new questions here seeking feedback. Please share this link with your
teachers and your students–even the parents!The idea here is that we want to have conversations and get feedback from
all constituents to help us inform the next MLTI RFP. The next RFP will be
released in December of this calendar year. It may seem a long way off,
but from where I sit, I have very little time left to rewrite the RFP
document. I need your help and the help of others in your schools and
communities so that the next RFP reflects your needs.As always, please remember that the RFP has to be descriptive and not
prescriptive. We can’t ask for a specific device, software title, online
service, etc. Its OK to mention them on the site, but what is more
important is for us to understand the functionality or characteristics of
the specific tool or title that you need and like. So, just saying that
you want a software X doesn’t help. What we need to know is what are you
doing with software X. What functions does it provide? Why are these
functions and capabilities essential? If we are talking about support and
maintenance…its OK to use MLTI-specific language like “Buffer Pool” but
remember that the Buffer Pool as we know it today is a construct that was
provided based on Apple’s last response to the RFP. We didn’t ask for a
Buffer Pool, but it was Apple’s response to providing the a protection to
schools and the State for expected loss of equipment due to accidents,
theft, etc. So in discussing that issue, what are the !
challenges? What works? How would you like to be able to get

So far, we haven’t asked all the questions because we want to focus
attention on certain topics…mostly just to make it easier than for us to
dump a ton of questions all at once. However, you can provide feedback on
anything at anytime by responding to the appropriate section of the
historical 2006 RFP language which is provided on this site.

Remember also that we will be seeking input from outside of Maine too…so
how we discuss things and how we present ourselves on this site is a
direct reflection on Maine and your schools. Let’s make sure we show the
world how far we’ve come! Please feel free to tweet this link, share it on
your social media channels, etc.

thanks everyone!

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