Parent NEWS!

Hello all!

Messalonskee Middle School parent teacher conferences are coming up on Thursday from 5-8 by appointment. If you want to come in and meet with your child’s teachers then call our office at 465-2167 and ask to sign up. There are limited slots available so if your child’s team is booked then the team will contact you to set up an alternate time.

On Saturday March 10th, the first Maine “Teens on Tanning Forum” will be held at the Augusta Civic Center from 10-3. It is a free event opened up to 8th graders, as well as high school students. The Teens on Tanning Forum is a great day for students who want to gain leadership skills and learn the myths of tanning, melanoma facts, hear first-hand experiences from young melanoma survivors and share this information with their classmates and communities. All attendees receive a community service certificate, letter of recommendation and invitation to join our teen advisory council, a skin care goodie bag, and event t-shirt. Students can sign up on-line at Also, On March 14th, Denise Delorie will be visiting our school to also work with 8th graders on the dangers of tanning. She will bring in the scan machine so that students can look at the damage on their faces due to the sun. If you have any questions about either of these events, please contact Kris Croteau at 465-2167.

We have started as a district to look at the budget for next year. The economy has not seemed to turn around for Maine and due to the change in valuation and the lack of state income, RSU 18 will lose approximately 1.5 million dollars in state and federal money next year. This is more then we expected. For this reason our Superintendent, Mr. Smith, has frozen the budget and we have had to cancel field trips. Although field trips can be a valuable addition to the educational experience for students, we will need to stop them for the remainder of the year so that we can protect programming for future years. For more information on the financial situation you can go to the Superintendent’s Blog .

Have a good week.

2 thoughts on “Parent NEWS!

  1. I have a question about the cancelled field trips. I understand that the school trips need to be cancelled to save money but what about the trips that the different grades and afterschool groups have fundraised for with no expense to the school? I have heard these will be cancelled too. Could you let me know where this stands?
    Thank you
    Keri Palleschi

    • Ms. Palleschi,
      Thank you for your question. There are two reasons for the decision to cancel fundraiser field trips. We have a number of members of the community who are vocal about the fact that we should not be sending out trips when we are looking at raising the town responsibility for the school budget by $500,000 to $750,000. This is the expected increase for next year. The second reason for the decision is to look at equity. Some of the buildings in our district do not have the ability to gather funds through fundraisers for trips. The different schools have different endowments and thus you would have some schools who could go on a trip and others who could not. This is a tough decision and one that was not made lightly. As questions come up around specifics to particular trips I have conversations with Mr. Smith to ensure that I am being consistent with the district.

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